TwitterLocal enables hometown geek speed dating

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Icon128I just caught news of TwitterLocal and the first thing that came to mind is: wow, what a great way for geek singles to speed date in 140 characters or less! OK, it’s probably much more useful than that. The service is available on the web or in an Adobe AIR client and shows you all local tweets in a radius that you specify. Since I live in the sticks between Philadelphia and Allentown, I didn’t expect to see much action other than the occasional “Moo!” (the cows are everywhere and will take over the township someday), but there was quite a bit of local chatter going on within 10 miles of my home. I’m still searching for a practical use since I don’t need a 140-character introduction service, but it’s pretty interesting to watch. Could be practical if you’re traveling and need a information from a local. I just might add the RSS feed of my local Twitter stream… gotta keep an eye on those cows… they’re always plotting.(via Mashable)

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Philip Ferris

Darn, I never thought to mention this programme i! have it set for Cornwall in the UK and catch up on fellow Twits I would otherwise miss.

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