Mobile devices- does boot time matter?

Time_2Every time I get a new mobile device to evaluate I start getting asked "how long is the boot time?" by a lot of folks.  It’s invariable, get a new device, get asked about boot time.  I have to admit I don’t understand the importance of that question so maybe I’m missing something.  In years past how long it took Windows to boot up a given device was important because it was something we had to do every day.  You want to use a machine you have to start it up.  These days with sleep and hibernate on Windows, both XP and Vista, there is no need to boot devices on a regular basis.  I rarely boot Windows on the various devices I use because I don’t need to.  I put the devices to sleep at night and simply wake them up in the morning.  When I am going to head out with a device I put it to sleep and throw it in my bag.  I’d say the only times I routinely boot Windows are when some software installation or Windows Update requires me to reboot to finalize that process.  Otherwise I never boot Windows so why so many people are interested in how long a given device takes to boot up surprises me.  Why does it matter to you?


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