Josh Bancroft leaves fingerprints on his first MID


Josh Bancroft, passionate blogger and Intel employee, was over in Shanghai at the IDF, or Intel Developer Forum this past week. He got his first hands on with a MID and captures it for posterity it in this brief video. Josh puts his fingerprints on the Gigabyte MID with slide-out keyboard, so if you haven’t seen this device enough just yet, here’s another 90-seconds or so. Just a basic look at the hardware and touch-friendly user interface. BTW: great IDF coverage in Twitter and on your blog Josh. Good stuff! Folks interested in getting a feel for the IDF experience at Shanghai will want to check Josh’s overview vid. I like how he tries different websites to see if they’re blocked in China. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you which are and which aren’t.



LOL, that guy on the video obviously only dealt with capacitive touch screen on an iPhone before as a touch device. He keeps trying to use his finger-pad, instead of fingernail that is necessary for registering on resistive touch screens. :D

Jon Dee, blame the user, not the device. Running small footprint Linux, these Atom MIDs will be plenty quick.

Jon Dee

There looked to be a real lag time with the touch screen interface on this device.

What I like about my Apple iTouch is that when you interact with a photo it’s instant. This is where Mac are streets ahead of anything that is windows based at the moment… I use an O2 Flame phone and it can be so SLOW sometimes.

When the 3g iPhone comes to Australia I am so making the switch :O)

Josh Bancroft

Thanks for the post, Kevin! There weren’t as many MIDs around to play with as I had hoped, and what few there were had mobs surrounding them at all times. I was lucky to get a little one on one time.

I’ll be scouring Intel for all the MID info I can find, so stay tuned! I’ll get them to give me one to use sooner or later, or die trying! ;-)

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