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Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, Back and Pervier

Satirizing J-Pop talk shows might seem redundant — after all, isn’t that world already ridiculous enough? But what Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, produced by husband-and-wife team Greg Benson and Kim Evey, proves is that yes, it’s much funnier when you understand what the host is saying. And it is supremely funny when you add American celebrities like Ron Jeremy to the mix.

For those unfamiliar with GTCMS, which ran three episodes in 2007 before being acquired by Crackle, the premise is simple: A girl named Kiko hosts a talk show with her friends, Unicow and Horny Panda. They spin the Wheel of Fun, play games, and generally frolic. Kiko mispronounces words. It’s pretty simple, actually.

Guests for the first three episodes were men of ordinary professions, played by local actors. But Kiko has since moved up to the big leagues of studio-owned content, so she’s getting much better “gets.” Future episodes will have Kiko hanging out with Adam Arkin and Star Trek‘s Wil Wheaton. In today’s episode, Ron Jeremy wears a hedgehog costume and acts in a very special film with Kiko. Yes, he does these things at the same time.

In his critique of Crackle’s C Spot line-up, Chris rightfully points out that the first episodes of GTCMS doesn’t go too far beyond the shows they’re parodying. But this new incarnation is just a bit in on the joke, pushing its innocent Pee-wee’s Playhouse energy to a more adult, Paul Reubens-esque level that really plays as fresh. (Web series creators interested in capturing that same magic should look into booking Ron Jeremy as a guest star.)

Sometimes I worry that loving GTCMS makes me a little bit racist. But ridiculous comedy has no race. And Ron Jeremy has no shame.

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  1. Episode 4 was so funny. This really is a great series and I’m happy to hear the Sony deal has been a good thing ;)

    My one concern is that I don’t want this series to go TOO far from what made it so popular among people I know, to begin with, with all the big-time stars. Like, we didn’t get a funny song today (though I guess they can’t do one EVERY time :P )