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Google Launches Voice Based Local Info Search In Hyderabad

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has reportedly launched a voice based local information service in India, in Hyderabad. Syed Abbas writes (via Labnol) that the service, launched on the number 1800-41-99-99-99 is similar to that of Just Dial, and after the call, 3-4 SMS’ are sent to the user.

Google does have a similar service in the US – 1800-GOOG-411 (there’s an introductory video here), but it apparently isn’t very successful. In the US, they’ve got an automated service, but have apparently settled for a call center in India.

I tried dialling the number from Delhi, and it didn’t work. We’ve also contacted Google India for a confirmation of the launch of the service, so wait for updates if they do respond. If you’re in Hyderabad, do give it a go (apparently, Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) customers are not able to connect to the 1800 numbers) and tell us about it in the comments. We know how JustDial monetizes their service – by advertisements and lead generation for vendors without the users consent; I wonder how Google intends to monetize its local information service.

Update: It’s a pilot project, all right. An official Google spokesperson has sent the following response by mail:
“Google has introduced a pilot for Voice Search in Hyderabad. This is in line with our mission of making information universally useful and accessible, be it at home or on the go. Voice enables us to reach non-web users in local languages, while still leveraging our core strength in search. We are focusing on our users and innovating for the needs of the local market. For now users in Hyderabad can get information on local business and movie showtimes through a Toll-Free 800 number. This means that a user calling this number for information will not be charged -infact he will also get an the option to be connected directly to the local business he is looking for- again for free. It will also be possible for users to request this information through SMS.
This pilot will enable us to get real user feedback to improve the service before a full launch.”

11 Responses to “Google Launches Voice Based Local Info Search In Hyderabad”

  1. Vikranth

    Hey ,

    It's Awesome similar to Google search. But i don't know in the future whether it is successful or not.

    Actually i called to this service. I find the results quickly . But Some results are not correct.

  2. kar-thee-k

    Hi Every 1,

    Its a very good service for hyderabad people. After Google Search , Google voice Search will also get a good name. But now a days, there are problems when we are dailing to this no, it is going to automatic voice and is giving variety answers..

  3. Whats probably is interesting is to see how google plans to make money out of this. More user usage definetly helps them collect wide range of voise usage – for almost throw-away price – helping them stablilise their recognition system.

    Beyond that there should be some concrete method to monetise this venture – either thru text/voice ads or through preffered recomendations during business search.

  4. venkat

    VBLI Service is really gud. I called this tool free number 4 a movie.I got right information right a way. .This is really a best part of their service. I am very glad to be in hyderabad to use this service.

  5. E M VINOD

    This is very good & Excellent . But I found that whenever I dial this no. it is connected to IVR .This delays or disturb our services

  6. Rahul wason

    I have tried this service and i must say its really good.. the information given to me was correct and accurate… excellent… better was the free transfer call the requred destination .. amazing.. Keep it up Google!!!!

  7. I dialed the Google 800 # thru curiousity and I had asked for the # of a pub. They sent me the info thru an sms and also transfered my call for free. Great service by Google

  8. Rajesh

    This service is really excellent. I called this tool free number got right information right a way. They are also providing free phone call service to our required business party.This is really a best part of their service. I am very glad to be in hyderabad to use this service. I hope they will also launch this service soon in other cities in india as well. I am wondering why they choose hyderabad to launch their service first :)