Comcast/Starcom Study: Trying Prove That Ad Targeting Works


It stands to reason that someone considering the purchase of a new car would likely be more receptive to an auto ad than someone who isn’t. After 16 months of considering some obvious examples like that, Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) Spotlight, the cable operator’s advertising unit, and Publicis Groupe media agency Starcom MediaVest Group say they are able to quantify just how effective targeted ads are: households that received “addressable ads” were 56 percent more “efficient” that ads that weren’t targeted. Also, the study found that the targeted households it sampled changed the channel 38 percent less than those watching traditional ads. The ad targeting partnership between Comcast and SMG is part of a series of moves both are taking to interactive advertising, as the cable operator is coordinating and backing the Project Canoe, a joint venture with five other major cable operators that will allow national advertisers to buy customized and targeted ads across the companies

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