Taming Your Travel–6 Tips for Web Workers


A while back, I did a post on free services that can make a web worker’s travels easier, cheaper and more convenient. I travel a fair amount, and I find it good to keep on top of what emerging online services can offer me. In this post, I’ll round up a few new travel buddies that I’ve found useful.

Hopstop is a useful way to get directions sent to your phone, and the information is very detailed for many large cities. These include, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and more. You can get bus and subway maps, and much more.

CommunityWalk is a very interesting site that lets you create map mashups based on Excel spreadsheets you import. There’s an example of one of these mashups online. Hover your mouse over the numbered location points to obtain more information.

TripLife is a travel networking tool that helps you connect with other people as you travel. You create a profile when you join the service, and you can share your travel itinerary with others. You can also search for common pursuits with other travelers.

Seatguru is an online application that I’ve written about before. It’s the best way to make sure your airplane seat has the Internet, entertainment, and other options that you want.

Dopplr has been around for a while, but I know an increasing number of techies who have started using it, especially if they travel internationally a lot. It’s a mashup of a social network and a travel itinerary manager, and does useful things like let you know when you and those you are connected to are going to be in the same place at the same time. Plazes is a similar tool that I hear a lot of good things about.

For many more sites that provide conveniences for the traveling web worker, see my previous post.

Do you know of any good travel sites and services?


Nick C

Tripit.com has been getting a lot of press recently. You email your airline/hotel etc bookings to it and the service creates an itinerary, syncs up with your calendar etc.

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