Stand Your iPhone


One of the problems with the iPhone (or most other phones or pocket PCs with a screen, for that matter) is that there’s no good way to stand it up on your desk at a comfortable viewing angle. This is a nuisance if you’d like to watch some of that spiffy downloaded video without having to hold the darned thing in your hands.

Faced with this issue, the creative web community has come up with a number of solutions. If you happen to have a business card or a hundred-dollar bill around, you can fold yourself an origami type stand. Alternatively, a few minutes with a mini-DV plastic case and a file will make something more durable that also doubles as a headphones holder. A step up is to use a laser cutter to make your own acrylic stand. If you want something even spiffier, there’s the Naja King, a $40 combination of cable and steel that holds your phone like a standing cobra.

Got any other innovative solutions? Let us know in the comments.


fred Bloggs

… and the iPod touch has no dock, but a perspex stand in the box too…


the iphone comes with a dock in the box doesnt it for standing it up?
what are you on about?

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