Sprint delays XOHM rollout until later in the year

XohmlogoMy thought piece yesterday on the slow and nebulous XOHM WiMAX rollout might have been right on time. This morning I read that Sprint has delayed the commercial launch of the XOHM service until later this year. That’s a sharp contrast from what a Sprint official told us in January at the CES WiMAX press event. April was the expected launch date with details on pricing to come soon. It’s April, the launch date is getting moved and there are no more details for consumers in terms of price. Ugh…At this point, if I personally had a choice between a device not WiMAX-capable and the same device with WiMAX capability, I’d go for the former option. The only caveat would be: if the two configurations were priced the same. That’s just me, but something to think about if you’re in the market for a new mobile device.(via Engadget)


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