South Park on Internet Stars. Meh.

While the subject of Internet fame seems like ripe material for the South Park guys to ravage, the result is surprisingly bland. On last night’s show they took shots at Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker, Numa Numa kid, Star Wars kid, and a bunch of other web video superstars. But given how quickly web trends come and go, the bit seems … old and lacks South Park‘s trademark ascerbic wit and insight.As Silicon Alley Insider points out, the video is available both through the newly-launched South Park Studios and on YouTube, which is being sued by South Park overlords Viacom for a billion dollars. The YouTube clip (at least this copy of it) only had 206 plays on it as of this morning, while the official clip had 2,568 views. That’s 2,568 monetized views. Suddenly keeping your copyrighted video off the sharing site doesn’t seem like such a dumb idea (from a money-grubbing, corporate perspective).

While the South Park clip marks some kind of pop culture crossover achievement for web video, I still think Dan Meth’s Internet People is a better play on Internet fame (it even includes the South Park kids).