Sleep and charge USB function on new Toshiba notebooks


Prod_sata305fftw_30001Boy, I could have used this function on the CES trip a few months back. Xavier notes a handy feature on the new Toshiba Satellite line of laptops: Sleep-and-Charge USB ports. You can charge devices over USB while the notebook is on (duh!), off, in sleep mode or hibernating. While in Las Vegas this past January, I had to make sure my computers were plugged in and powered on while I was sleeping-and-snoring-charging on a nearby mattress. That was the only way I could recharge my mobile devices that use USB to power up the battery. Look for the feature in the U400, M300, A300 and P300 notebooks in the Toshiba Satellite line. I can’t believe that Toshiba is the only OEM that offers this function: does your notebook have it and if so, which brand / model do you have?


Khurram Farooq

Kevin, my Asus EEE has that function. If the EEE is plugged into the mains, it can charge devices via USB even when off.

Sung Han Suh

I have charged my iPhone or HTC Touch while my Samsung Q1U was asleep. The same also worked on my Apple MBP.



I enabled this on my X61t in the Thinkpad Power Manager. On the “Global Power Settings” tab, there’s an option for “Enable Always On USB”. Just tick that and you’re all set. Also, note that the feature only works (at least on my machine) when it’s plugged into the wall. I guess this prevents your battery from accidentally running down on the go.

William C Bonner

My Fujitsu P7120 provides power on the USB ports when it’s asleep. I’ve noticed this primarily when I was using a USB lamp and put the machine to sleep but the lamp never turns off.

If I shut down the machine the lamp goes off.

I am running Vista on this machine, and have upgraded to 2Gb ram.



My HP TC4400 does this, but only on one of the three USB ports. It is marked, but I had to learn that the hard way (woke up and dead HTC Touch).

Mark H

I had to do that too the other day when I forgot my phone charger. Would be very useful.

Eric Jr.

Hey Kaz, was that something you had to enable? I’ve got an x61t and currently mine doesn’t do this, but yeah what a welcome functionality that would be. I think I’ll go monkey around in the bios for a few minutes. Though this would mean I’d have to be extra careful not to keep non-charging usb powered things like my external hard drives from sucking my battery dry.


well.. My X61t has done that for a long time. Came with a BIOS upgrade if I’m not completely wrong…

Tushar Mehta

My HP TC4400 charges usb devices when it’s sleeping.I don’t know if this is because of vista hybrid sleep mode or design feature of the tablet.

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