Looking for Vista SP1?

Vista_ultimate_caseMy last post on Vista SP1 reminded me that I’ve received a few e-mails about the Service Pack. Namely, questions like has it shown up in Windows Update for me yet on the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and did I run it on the Q1P. Although Vista SP1 availability was officially announced on March 18th, it’s actually not appearing in Windows Update yet so you can stop looking. In the announcement it was mentioned that it would roll out to WU in mid-April so I wouldn’t expect it for two weeks or so.If you simply can’t wait, you can grab the download directly from Microsoft right here. I did just that last night on the Q1UP although I haven’t run the installation yet. I can tell you that I ran the RTM version of SP1 on the Q1P prior to its release and I experience no issues. I saw a wee performance boost in some very limited and high-level testing, but that was a very preliminary experience. Every system is different of course, so as we say: YMMV (or your mileage may vary).

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