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Vista_ultimate_caseMy last post on Vista SP1 reminded me that I’ve received a few e-mails about the Service Pack. Namely, questions like has it shown up in Windows Update for me yet on the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and did I run it on the Q1P. Although Vista SP1 availability was officially announced on March 18th, it’s actually not appearing in Windows Update yet so you can stop looking. In the announcement it was mentioned that it would roll out to WU in mid-April so I wouldn’t expect it for two weeks or so.If you simply can’t wait, you can grab the download directly from Microsoft right here. I did just that last night on the Q1UP although I haven’t run the installation yet. I can tell you that I ran the RTM version of SP1 on the Q1P prior to its release and I experience no issues. I saw a wee performance boost in some very limited and high-level testing, but that was a very preliminary experience. Every system is different of course, so as we say: YMMV (or your mileage may vary).



I’m not getting SP1 on my X61t because of an incompatibility with a system file and the driver for my QuickCam, but I can wait.

For those of you with driver issues, I belive the problem is exactly as stated by T Man. If you install the standalone SP1 on those systems, you may have to manually reinstall the offending drivers. (SP1 automatically reinstalls all your drivers, and the ones that are on the “bad driver list” are ones that will not reinstall in the automatic process) Those of you downloading the standalone version most likely can figure out how to reinstall a sound driver.

So Brian E, HP’s advice is probably the way to go if you want SP1 now.


The SP1 showed up on my Vista 64bit Desktop Pc, that I build last week. But not on my 1 year-old IBM X60 Tablet. I had to reinstall the Nvidia drivers, other than that I had no Problems with SP1. Greetings from Germany!


I also had the SP1 show up on my Mac with Vista Ultimate show up on 3/18/08 under the windows update. I also have a Fujitsu U810 and it hasn’t showed up there yet. I wonder if its a UMPC or Tablet its not showing up yet for some reason.


I have a VyeS37B and received the update last week.
So far everything is working correctly.

Ian Dixon

I installed it manually on my original Q1 and it worked fine. I am holding off on the 2710 as the video drivers could cause an issue with SP1

James Kendrick

I have 4 different computers that run Vista and I don’t get SP1 offered on any of them, and they are vary different configurations and all from different OEMs. I’m sure it is a driver thing as indicated but come one, it’s SP1, there should be no driver issues still hanging around.

Dave P

It should be an optional update in Windows Update for computers which do not have any known incompatible drivers.

That said, my OQO has a sound driver that MS labels incompatible so I don’t see it. I suspect your Q1 suffers from a similar problem.

Brian E

“Check your drivers” has to be about the most unhelpful advice ever (not your fault T Man; it’s what Microsoft is telling people too). I definitely have a bad Conexant HD Audio driver version on my HP laptop, but so far I’ve been unable to scare up the correct drivers except from driver-sharing sites that are more scary than not having SP1.

HP’s advice is to just download and install the service pack, which is about the second most unhelpful advice ever. Here, try this known-problem configuration and see if it works!

T Man

Check your drivers. There are several that are shown to have problems. I have a desktop and a laptop that have some of these drivers, and it wasn’t showing up for me either. If you don’t have these drivers, then it should show up. See here for the list:

Now the reason that I just learned of yesterday from SBS Diva Susan Bradley, is that the drivers in question require an answer to UAC prompts to install. MS explicitly disallows this, since it should be automatic and should not show a UAC prompt during these driver reinstallations. Newer driver versions can help, or simply removing the driver and forcing a generic driver before hand, allowing WU go get the update, download and install (which may require a reboot before you are offered them), then reinstalling the driver that is on the block list.

In the case of my desktop, the SigmaTel sound drivers are the problem. See here for some information about that:


I haven’t experienced any Windows-related issues after running SP1 for two weeks on two different computers.

James Kendrick

So it sounds like although RTM it’s not ready for prime time yet and I find that immensely disturbing, especially after following how much trouble Matt Faulkner had getting it to work on his machine. Caveat emptor.

John in Norway

It appeared on WU for two of my computers – Desktop and Toshiba m200 but it hasn’t come up for my OQO yet. Something to do with a sound driver or something.

Kevin C. Tofel

Guess MS changed their minds from the official word then Rob. It’s definitely not appearing for everyone in WU based on the many notes in my Inbox. Neither James nor I have seen it offered yet on our machines, which is why I downloaded it last night.


Kevin – I’ve had SP 1 appear in Windows Update on a number of my computers just one or two days after it was officially released.

That said, it is not appearing as a Windows Update download on the Latitude XT due to some driver issues.

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