Guitar Hero 3 released for BlackBerry- productivity screeches to a halt


When word came out of the CTIA this week that BPLAY has released a version of Guitar Hero 3 Mobile for the BlackBerry I knew my days of productivity were numbered.  I wasted no time buying it for my BlackBerry 8830 and it rocks (pun intended).  BPLAY has done it right and there must be 20 or 30 different BlackBerry models supported by GH3.  The game is simple yet totally addictive and the "one-time purchase" gets you 15 classic guitar hits to get started.  You can also sign up for a subscription that nets you an additional 3 songs per month to keep your addiction properly fed.  It’s an amazing piece of programming considering how small the download was and I am having a blast playing the game.  Gotta go, "Black Magic Woman" is calling me to the big stage.


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