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Free Flow Power Tapping the Mighty Mississippi

freeflowpowerturbine1.jpgWaves, tides, rivers, canals…if it flows, chances are someone’s figuring out a way to harness it to produce clean energy. And a Massachusetts-based startup called Free Flow Power is even working on tapping the mighty Mississippi. The company has a $3 billion plan to place thousands of small electric turbines down the Mississippi river — from St. Louis to New Orleans — which could generate over a gigawatt of electricity, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.


The startup reportedly has preliminary three-year permits to study 59 sites in the Mississippi, granted by the marine power gatekeeper, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Each turbine is about 2 feet in diameter, and harnesses the current to spin and generate electricity; each of the sites would require hundreds of thousands of turbines. So yeah, a massive project.

freeflowpowerturbine2.jpgBeyond the growing trend of harnessing the seas — including wave and tidal power — startups are increasingly turning to smaller flowing bodies of water. Hydrovolts is looking to harness smaller flowing bodies of water, and Hydro Green Energy is a startup that is actually also looking at projects in the Mississippi. The ole muddy might get a little crowded, over the next few years!

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  1. We represent the Miskito indian tribe who control the stae of Gracias Adios Honduras. We have formed a company ‘La Luz” with the purpose to provide power along the Paducah river(roughly the same size as the Mississippie river) Your free flowing turbines will be exactly what is needed. We will have meetings this comming week in Honduras with the world bank, congress, the president and all other required officials.
    We like to invite your ideas and suggestions. Please advise your rough estimate of time and price based on 500 kw. Thanks, regards, Douglas Alsem.