8GB Nano on Woot for $140


If you were looking for an excuse to buy a new iPod Nano, I think I just found it. Woot.com is selling a blue or black 3rd Generation 8 GB Nano for only $134.99 with only $5 shipping. That makes it one penny shy of $140 for a shiny refurbished 8 GB nano.

Nano on Woot

You can also go to Apple’s refurbished iPod store and get a 4 GB 3rd Generation iPod with a $15 iTunes Gift Card for $129. Apple is selling the 8GB refurbed Nano for 169 Washingtons and it also comes with a $15 iTunes Gift card. The Woot deal is about $15 less than the Apple deal.

A quick Google search and Pricegrabber.com search show the next cheapest price for a 3rd Gen Nano at $179 and $177 respectively.

If you don’t know about Woot.com, they sell refurbished items daily. They start with an unknown limited supply, and sell it on a first come, first served basis. Also, they are excellent writers whose product descriptions always bring a smile.

It is a great place to find good deals, and they rarely have Apple produces there. Hurry on over before they sell out!



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