Nickelodeon Expands Virtual Worlds; ‘Hybrid’ Choice of Ad-Support, Paid Subs Coming In ’09


As Nickelodeon continues its gaming and virtual world expansion, we have some more details about the three virtual world sites now in development and plans to introduce a choice of paid subscriptions and advertising for its existing 2.5D online city Nicktropolis.

Nick is creating a virtual world around its Neopets social net site that carries the working title of World of Neopia. Existing animated property SpongeBob SquarePants is also getting its own virtual world, while the other planned community is tentative called Monkey World. To further drive home the increased significance of creating virtual environments, its NeoStudios is now the Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group Virtual World Studios. Monkey World and the SpongeBob virtual world are both in the conceptual stages of development..

In early 2009, Nicktropolis users will be offered a paid layer with premium items, avatars and games, in addition to the site



Change is good for the most part. But Neopets is going to get to a point where allot of the adult players will be quiting. The site was mainly created for college student and young adults. Allot of the change on Neopets is becoming Pointless and aimed at the younger children. Instead of messing with something that is already fun. The site needs to fix and update things that are already there.


Wow, things are really moving. I think they should slow down a bit but what do I know. *shrugs*


It sounds like a cool idea, but i wish they would keep neopets in one place. at I don't think we need a neopets theme park or all those disturbing adds on nick. :P


I think that neopets world thing sounds like it will be fun. Wow, I would NEVER pay for a subsription to nicktropolis

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