Wants To Return Your Lost Electronic Devices


For many mobile professionals, our electronic devices are vital to our day-to-day business lives. Tools such as PDAs, cell phones, and iPods are both expensive and business-critical – carrying some of our most valuable data.

LogoYouGetItBack is a service that serves as a global ‘lost and found’ that works with both security tagging and software to hopefully return your devices to you. Any item such as an laptop, iPod, tennis racket, or golf clubs can be tagged so they’ll find their way back home. According to the company, many finders (those who find tagged items) who were profiled have enough goodwill to call the missing item in for return to its owner.

For mobile phones, the retrieval process uses technology to expedite the process. YouGetItBack has developed a Java program that can be downloaded over-the-air and installed on most mobile phones. If you have a Symbian phone, there is a native e-Tag application that provides full anti-theft lockdown of the phone when it’s reported to be lost. Also, both of these mobile phone apps have the ability to backup SIM and data to the YouGetItBack servers.

The YouGetItBack process starts by purchasing a security tag which is basically a sticker to go on your item. You then tag your device and activate the tag on YouGetItBack’s website. Then if your item is lost, hopefully your item is found by an honest person and is reported to YouGetItBack. If so, you’ll be notified.

Finders are eligible for a reward if they find and report a tagged item.

For those of you who travel with items that carry high value to you, YouGetItBack might be an indispensable service.

Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar service? Please leave a comment.



i’ve used both and , i lost something once with stuffback but never got it back :(

Paul Prendergast

Jason – thanks for the mention. The software beta programme is going live on our site in the next 2 days so feel free to drop over,download and give any feedback !!


Paul Prendergast

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