Trapster: real-time speed trap info from your phone

Just caught this video demo of Trapster: a free socially-fed speed trap service for your phone. Speed trap data is only good for a little while, so real-time is the scenario here. Using your phone, you report speed traps and red-light camera locations using very few keystrokes: “pound-1″, for example. The data is fed into a Google Map and when your GPS-enabled phone (and presumably you) approaches a reported trap, you’ll get an audio warning so you don’t get nailed by the fuzz. Interesting concept and it has a Digg-like atmosphere to it: Trapster claims to learn the reliability of users over time. Hmm… might not want to sign up with your real name then.Perhaps I had too much coffee today, but Trapster just gave me a Web 2.0 idea. What if we combined it with Twitter only we signaled a “pound-1″ or “pound-2″ from a rest-room? Real time data… public rest-rooms… we can call it “Crapster”. Ah, yes… this is why I never have a second cup of coffee at home…(via CNN)


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