April Fool’s Pranks Round Up

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Google is the master of April Fool’s day pranks and non-pranks. It seems the blogosphere and some news outlets want Apple to get in on the gig. Here are the phony stories that I found. If you saw any others, or want to add your own, feel free to add in the comments.

Wise Bread (a personal finance blog) claims that Apple is introducing a rewards program that will give people a cash payment for branding themselves, and a lifetime discount of 25% off any product at any Apple store. They are still working out an online discount system, too. This was the most creative and best one, I thought.

jkOnTheRun claims inside sources are dropping hints for a geek-targeted iPod Touch that has a 5-inch screen and is 1 inch thick to help geeks with awkward hands navigate better. Also, a Macbook Helium would be introduced. “Select reviewers” have their strings on one now.

MacUser took a page from Apple TV Take Two, and claimed that the G4 cube would get a Take Two upgrade as well. Expect “Take Two” to be the new “i” for Apple as the Hockey Puck mouse, the Lisa, and the NeXtcube would also be receiving the Take Two treatment.

The next logical step from having Doom on your iPhone is throwing InfoWorld reports that Apple’s new operating system, XI, will be based completely on iTunes. This was the first one I saw, and I actually believed it for a minute until I realized how absurd it sounded (and when I realized that it was April 1st). I thought this was a clever idea, but it made absolutely no sense and was too unbelievable.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), Fake Steve avoided any product announcements yesterday.