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Zapak Claims 70-75 Percent Marketshare; Kancha Tournament; MMOG Launch Delayed

Reliance ADA Group company has claimed that they have around 70-75 percent of the Indian online gaming market, with a user base of 4 million. Rohit Sharma, COO of Zapak has told that the company’s Target Group is split equally between the top and the B&C class cities. Advertising remains Zapak’s main revenue stream, though there is some revenue from events, cards business and gaming cafes. Sharma had said a couple of months ago, that In-Game advertising was 20-30 percent of the company’s revenues.

Zapak plans to launch three “casual” Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) as a part of a subscription model in May and June; there appears to be a delay – Rajesh Sawhney, President of Reliance Entertainment had said last year that the MMOG launch is slated for the first quarter of 2008. There are two other casual MMOGs in India are Dance Mela from Kreeda Games and CT Racer from Games2Win. Sharma says that Cricket is their biggest property – I checked and Zapak currently has around 18 Cricket based games, and there are plans for a game around the IPL as well. Zapak has other local games as well – I just noticed a multiplayer Kancha tournament. The game is simple and addictive.

However, for all their marketing muscle ($100 million spends in 5 years), one of the things I feel Zapak lacks is topicality. For example, Miniclip has a street fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…that’s something which Zapak competitor Games2Win does well, with cheeky, topical games.

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