Interview: Douglas Merrill, President, EMI Digital Business: ‘We Need To Question Everything’


imageJust got off the phone with Douglas Merrill, the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CIO who is leaving what he called “the best CIO job in the world” to join EMI as president of digital business. Turns out Merrill and EMI Group Chairman Guy Hands were introduced by a mutual friend. The result: a switch from the all-digital world of Google to the still-trying-to-figure-out-digital world of EMI. When he officially starts April 28, he’ll report directly to Hands in a new post that combines, as the announcement puts it, “leadership responsibility for all of the company



I worked for DCM at Google, and I wish EMI well they are cultural artefact that I hope can reinvent themselves in the digital age.

Does putting an operations guy (DCM) in this role help this reinvention. No it does not IMHO.

Good luck to all.


these guys fell under the ridiculous "google employee" spell.. what a joke.. shows you how lost EMI is… and this guy.. mark my words…. will not lead them out of the shadows.

what a joke!

The plus side for EMI is that it's main income comes from publishing, in essence rights management and exploitation.So getting Douglas Merrill involved using his experience at Google and background as a technologist background, may create an interesting cocktail of ideas and strategy for EMI.

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