EconSM: Social Media Deep Dive Wth MTV Networks

In a twist for us, we’ll be hosting the leadership from across MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) for a deep dive exploration of their social media efforts at our EconSM conference on April 29 in Los Angeles. Enterprise efforts pose unique challenges — and opportunities as we see new and old media conglomerates try to manage innovation across properties and platforms. Our panelists will provide a terrific window into almost every content category. From kids to teens, young adults to adults, MTV brands touch nearly every demographic on every screen.

Our enterprise deep dive panel, moderated by Staci D. Kramer, Co-Editor and EVP, ContentNext Media/, include:

Mika Salmi, President of Digital Media

Nada Stirratt, Executive Vice President of Digital Advertising
Erik Flannigan, Executive Vice President of Digital Media for the Entertainment Group (COMEDY CENTRAL, AtomFilms, Gametrailers, Spike)
Courtney Holt, Executive Vice President of Digital Music and Media for the Music & Logo Group (MTV, VH1, CMT, and Logo);
Steve Youngwood, Executive Vice President of Digital Media for the Kids & Family Group (Nickelodeon, Addicting Games, ParentsConnect and Neopets)

Join us at EconSM as we discuss MTV strategies for creating deeply engaging content and social experiences across all platforms, and how innovative creative content has resulted in business growth opportunities for MTVN. Leave some of your thoughts on the blog comments or register now to join the discussion at EconSM on April 28th and 29th.

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