YouTube Rickrolls the World

Ahhh, April Fools’ Day on the Internet. YouTube celebrated, capitalized and killed the meme of the moment by Rickrolling the planet. Click on any of the featured videos on the homepage and get swept up and away by Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


Too bad Rick probably isn’t seeing a dime from all these views. But there is some good news for the Richie Cunningham of rock and roll: His “Never Gonna Give You Up” is currently number 241 on Amazon’s MP3 best-seller list (Update: Rick’s jumped to number 153!) (right above Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker”).

Update: In other online video prankster news:

  • hops on the Astley bandwagon by offering the “rick-roll” ad format.
  • Moblogic has a fake 404 message on its homepage saying “In compliance with FCC guidelines,
    this site has been removed.”
  • Vimeo says its hosting a treasure hunt on its site.
  • Break a Leg said it was ending the series (maybe it was all the comments left on our story?)
  • The BBC makes fun of nature documentarians’ obsession with a certain bird (and plugs its iPlayer).

And it looks like Google and Virgin are teaming up to launch Virgle, the first human settlement on Mars. What’s funnier than the April Fool’s joke though, is watching Brin and Page try to get through their cue cards.

We’ll add to this list throughout the day. If you see a video April Fool’s joke, shoot us an email.