T-Mobile adds BlackBerry Pearl 8120 to Hotspot@Home service

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Blackberrypearl8120That T-Mobile isn’t letting grass grow under their feet while waiting for their 1700 MHz 3G network to kick off. Today, the GSM carrier added the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 to their handset repertoire, which brings another decent phone to the UMA Hotspot@Home service. The Pearl can be used for regular voice calls of course, but when in a compatible wireless network, the voice service will switch over to WiFi.

When this service came out, the only supported phones looked like they were from the 1990s. The BlackBerry Pearl now joins the BlackBerry Curve and the 8820, but T-Mo has a long way to go before this service looks glitzy and glamourous. I know the service got a good overview from Matt Miller when it first started; do we have any readers that use it and can comment on the experience? We won’t make fun of your phone… promise! ;)

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The Hotspot@Home service is definitely a 1.0 service. I have used it for five months, averaging between 2000 and 4000 minutes per month . While within the UMA zone in my home or local Starbucks, it works fine. Transitioning between UMA and mobile systems usually causes dropped calls. Also, you cannot use WiFi – N or many bluetooth headsets with the service.

The service has improved and I’m sure it will continue to improve. It’s a great idea.

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