Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium: Vista upgrade tip

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Samsungfolders Chris, one of our readers, has also taken the plunge with a new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and we’ve been conversing via e-mail the past week or so. He’s got his 2 GB RAM upgrade done and is trying to get everything working under Vista. I intend to do a high-level, step-by-step post for the upgrade (which is actually not too bad) and I thought to share some info that I just shared with Chris; hopefully it helps those who follow the same path.

Hardware-wise, I’ve got everything working under Vista: WiFi, Bluetooth, hardware buttons, cameras, and the fingerprint reader. The reader was the most challenging but the solution to it offers a good insight for solving other Samsung-specific issues under Vista for the Q1UP.

The Samsung software disk includes all of the drivers and applications you need for these hardware bits to work. Unfortunately, you can’t run the main install program to pick and choose what apps and drivers you want installed because the menu app isn’t supported in Vista. If you Explore the disk however, you’ll find bunches of subfolders that are tagged with alpha-numeric combinations. Inside each of these is the installation contents for a driver or a piece of software. There’s a text file in each that describes what the contents are, so yes, I’ve been through all of them. That’s where I found the OmniPass software: in folder BA46-0512A… right where I expected it, of course. ;) These folders are a good start to finding the Q1UP-specific files you need, so don’t be afraid to nose around in the file system of the disk.

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