Quick Updates, Slow Security, and Quick Look

With less than six months under its belt, Leopard is preparing to receive its third update to 10.5.3. This update includes 75 fixes from Address Book to VoiceOver. The list includes changes to: AddressBook, AppleScript, Audio, Back To My Mac, Dashboard, Dock, DVD Player, Finder, Graphics, iCal, Mail, Portable Home Directories, Printing, Rosetta, Spaces, Spotlight, Time Machine, VoiceOver, and probably a bunch of other stuff.

This news comes on the heals of a study by a couple security researchers from IBM (hmmmm, suspicious) who say that Apple is slow at fixing their 0-day security vulnerabilities (for those who don’t feel like popping over to Wikipedia, 0-day means nobody knew a particular weakness existed before). They say [PDF] that Microsoft is getting faster at fixing their 0-day issues, while Apple is getting slower. I wonder if it has anything to do with Microsoft’s years of experience is fixing so many 0-day attacks…

Anyway, the thing that worries me the most about the 10.5.3 news is that I couldn’t find anything about Quick Look. The ability to look quickly at files makes Leopard so much more attractive than many of its other features. I am hoping for the ability to print straight from Quick Look. Now that would be grand!

What else should be included in the 10.5.3 Leopard update?

Via PC World and The Register


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