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@ CTIA: Sprint Launches Samsung Instinct; Push-To-Talk, But Avoids WiMax Conversation

imageThis morning there was a ton of keynotes and information tossed out in front of the CTIA audience, and in the final presentation by Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel CEO Dan Hesse, everyone was holding their breath, wondering if finally a WiMax announcement would come, putting to rest the future between Sprint and its potential partner Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) and other investors. But Hesse easily avoided the topic and instead unveiled a surprisingly rich set of devices and services for what is considered a struggling carrier. The absence of any WiMax news may have been slightly disappointing, but it’s hard to say the audience walked away empty-handed. Releases.

Hesse announced eight new devices that play well with the company’s new Simply Everything plan, and could help to solve some of the attrition it is seeing on its Nextel network.

The Samsung Instinct: The phone could definitely be considered a competitor to the iPhone. The phone has a large touchscreen phone, with haptic feedback, and comes loaded with a lot of perks, such as GPS navigation, music and mobile TV.

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The BlackBerry Curve 8330: The popular phone, which is on the other carrier networks, has some new tricks tricks up its sleeve — high-speed EV-DO, mobile TV, music and GPS navigation.

Six new Push-to-talk phones: Expanding on the company’s success on the Nextel network, it is launching six phones on its CDMA network that will enable the same services, but also provide high-speed data and multimedia functions on the phones. Using Qualcomm’s (NSDQ: QCOM) QChat technology, the company is launching two Sanyo’s, an LG (SEO: 066570), two Samsung’s and a Motorola (NYSE: MOT) device.

Hesse did touch briefly on WiMax, explaining that 4G will have the ability to create a mobile Internet network that’s open to customers to do anything they want, while also being easy for developers to make products for. “There’s been a lot of talk about openness, and increasing freedom. We want customers to have the ability to have access to what is important to them. The walled garden wireless company is the company of the past…At Sprint we want to be the easiest for application developers to work with.”

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