Comcast Re-Compressing HD Picture


The first casualty in the battle to offer the most HD channels could ironically be video quality. A sharp-eyed poster over on the AVS Forum noticed that Comcast is recompressing some of its HD programming in an effort to squeeze more channels into its pipe. The difference was immediately noticeable when Comcast’s HD was compared with Verizon’s FiOS HD offering.

The result of the compression is degraded image — which is exactly what HD customers are paying for. Here are snippets of the screen shots captured over on the AVS Forum:

Verizon FiOS HD


Comcast HD


This recompressing doesn’t impact every HD channel, but between this, plans to spy on its customers, and slowing down traffic of its heavy users, Comcast is going to great lengths to make sure it angers as many customers as it can.


Chris Albrecht

To be fair, it’s just still image and not exactly how you’d see it while it’s in full motion.

Daniel Sale

I have Comcast HD and none my HD channels look like the “Comcast HD” picture you have here. Hah, even the regular digital channels don’t look that bad.

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