Can Gore and $300M in Ads Move the Needle on Climate Change?


The fight against climate change in the U.S. is getting billions of VC dollars for tech innovation, the attention of presidential candidates, and game-changing legislation. So what else could it possibly need? Better advertising, at least according to Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Gore is working with the non-profit Alliance for Climate Protection to launch a $300 million, three-year-long online and TV ad campaign that advocates carbon-reducing policies, according to the Washington Post. The group, which was founded by Gore, has just put its first ad online; check it out below. The “We” campaign is also slated to launch Wednesday on TV. One spot will supposedly feature the bizarre duo of Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton bonding over climate change policy — and that will convince…?

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Bruce Minnic

OK, I’m all for whatever & whoever can assist to reduce
global warming. Here’s the BUT. But…can anyone solve global warming effects in what looks like God’s Biblical prophesy now coming true as to the end times
of the earth? Good riddens old earth and heavens
according to God. God clearly states he will eventually
replace the old with a new heaven and new earth for
His people. I guess the question is not can earth be
saved, but are you saved? The Bible Gods word is
very clear about salvation. Christ said in John 6:47
“truly, truly I say unto you he who believes in Me has
everlasting life.” Do you believe Jesus Christ is God’s
Son the Saviour of the world? The end is near, and
future is fortold in both the Old & New Testiments.
The Bible is 25% prophesy of which 12.5% is already
fulfilled and roughly 12.5% is to be fulfilled within the
near future. If you don’t believe, check the past
prophesy of the Bible and see how accurate it was.
This is real and your going somewhere forever.
Is a global warming solution the answer to your future or Jesus Christ? You decide. God respects your free will. Once dead no one has a free will, and God then
reviews your decision.

Luis de Rivas

Forget scientific principle…Just market the “idea” to the American people. This is Al Gore for you. Like the IPCC, Gore chooses to ignore significant incongruities with the man made global warming theory.
So presumptuous are they that they pass this theory off as fact without proper scientific peer review. They find it easier to market this idea like Coca Cola simply because the American people wan’t do do ‘something’ about it.
Sure, Global Warming, like Evolution, is occurring. The mechanisms which drive either, however, are theoretical and not well understood. To reach the conclusion that man is at fault for the current warming trend, based solely on the scientific evidence, is at best a political distortion of the truth. The “inconvenient truth” about widely heralded CO2, is that it is an indicator which generally follows temperature changes 700-900 years after the temperature has already changed! CO2 occurrs after, an is therefore and effect caused by something else (like the sun, cosmic rays, and water vapor).
Gore wants us to beilieve that “Ending global warming compared to halting fascism in Europe in World War II”. Even if we reduced all manmade ‘greenhouse’ emissions to zero, the warming trend will continue unabated, and eventually fall as it has done time and again in the Earth’s history.

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