SpiralFrog Will No Longer Report Financials; Signs Deal With Warner/Chappel


Well that was fun while it lasted. SpiralFrog, the ad-supported music start-up, will no longer file financial data with the SEC, reports News.com. It never made much sense to begin with that the privately held company was so transparent with its inner goings on — apparently it had to do with arrangements between it and its investors — but it did make for a rare glimpse. The company had been due to file Q4 earnings this week, and they would have been useful, since the service officially launched last September.

Instead, as the report notes, we’re stuck with the metrics of the company’s choosing. It claims, for example, that it was 850,000 registered users, making it “third” behind iTunes and Rhapsody, but the stat is pretty meaningless, since there’s no indication of how registered users translates into active users. Furthermore, the category that it places itself in excludes other music download stores, like eMusic and Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) MP3, because it doesn’t see them as services. Basically, sans filings, there’ll be no more good information on this one for a while.

Also, this morning, the company announced that it had signed a deal with Warner/Chappel, the publishing arm of Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG). But as the above article notes, there’s a big difference between that and actually having WMG’s music on the site. Release.

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