Xbox to Get Its Own Video Shows


The Safran Digital Group will produce scripted short-form content for the Xbox, according to reports. We’ll have more tomorrow, but for now the basics:

  • Safran represents clients like the actor and producer Sean Combs, Nia Vardalos, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, but major movie stars are not expected to participate.
  • The six shows are likely to be comedy, horror or science fiction.
  • Reports differ on whether the shows are debuting in the summer or fall.
  • Microsoft says this is the first of many Xbox content deals; it’s also talking to MySpace.
  • The shows will have an unspecified window of exclusivity on Xbox before they are available elsewhere.



Game Consoles are the trojan horse of IPTV and the industry knows this .Look at Nintendo offering the TV guide channel in Japan for the Wii and offering TV remote functionality .Then there’s video aggregators creating websites exclusively for the Wii browser like and

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