SugarSync & Capzles…Try Them


There’s been a lot of talk about file syncing and sharing software lately. I wrote about Dropbox, while Stacey waxed eloquent about FolderShare. Another recent introduction is Sharpcast’s SugarSync, a cross-platform solution that also has the ability to sync photos and videos from your mobile phone. That feature alone makes its a standout, and a truly worthy competitor. (I am still trying to compare it with the other two, and will post my findings later.)

I will get around to writing the full review later this week, but folks at WebWorkerDaily have put it through the paces and seem to like it. If you want to give it a go, Sharpcast has a special deal: a 50 percent discount if you upgrade after the free trial service is over.

Another service I’m currently testing is Capzles, a photo management/sharing tool with a feel that is, simply put, like “iPhoto on the web.” It is one of the better tools I have come across, and it lets you do a ton of stuff –including combining videos, blog posts, music and photos into stories or capsules that capture an event or a moment in your life. My initial impression of this service is very favorable. In case you can’t wait for the full review, Capzles is offering some invites to our readers. (Video: How Capzles works, below the fold)



Cool stuff going on in file-syncing, and online file storage in general. Seems to me that performance is the most important for syncing, though, not much else matters in terms of features. File storage and online access (XDrive, for example) really start to differentiate with widgets, sharing, etc.


I do not understand what is the fuss about SugarSync when FolderShare does exactly the same thing for free and for unlimited online storage!

Bob Boynton

Capzies combines lots of stuff, but no text/web pages. What it does really well is handle time. It allows you to go back and forward in time remarkably easily. And the upload procedure is very nicely developed.

Saurabh Kaushik, PMP

Definitely it is good service. I have few comments on it.
* As a developer, I would like to know more about kind a technology they use in it. Is it SyncML?
* As a user, I would like to go only with one service which can fill all my need of syncing everything from bookmark, contact, calender to files. Will they expand into it?
* As blogger, I would say Funambol is a closure solution in this area. But they lack of File Syncing service. Will these two solution (Funambol and SugarSync) come together under one umbrella?

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