Palm Treo 800w appears on Sprint roadmap for July release


Palmtreo800wWell, I have to formally apologize to jkOTR reader, Hector Gomez. He’s been sending me snippets and clues of the upcoming Palm Treo 800w that’s been rumored for a bit now. I’ve held off until seeing something more concrete and I think today is the day that HG is vindicated. ;)The Palm Treo 800w just showed its Windows Mobile face on a Sprint roadmap over at PalmInfocenter. Looks like Windows Mobile 6, EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, WiFi, 320 x 320 screen and of course, QWERTY keyboard. In other words: everything you’d want in a Windows Mobile Treo including models with and without a camera. Well, other than the 6.1 version of WinMo.



Hopefully more Phones will start supporting the EVDO Rev. A.

No Problem Kevin ;)

Stephen Feger

I think it will be a good device, but certainly not a game changer. Palm has done a lot of good with making WM more user friendly, so that’s worth something. Personally, I’m looking forward to the device’s release on Verizon which I personally believe will take place at the same time as it is released by Sprint. In that case, will VZW cripple the GPS like they have with the 8130, 8830 and the XV6800 (so far)? Did they finally fix the BT voice dialing issue? Will they finally give this device a reasonable amount of memory like the AT&T Tilt already has? Only time will tell. But good answers to these questions are the ones will draw me to the device. As for WiFi… nice, but pointless on these devices, IMO.

One thing though… God help them if they release it at the same time as the next iPhone is released. The devices are very different on so many levels, but the noise from that launch will drown out everything else for certain.


First looks of this device looks great. The Treo lineup is now starting to get a little old and the Treo 500w wasn’t a big hit. I think this will be another big seller like the Treo 750. The Treo’s have always been nice to hold in your hand, easy to use one-handed and have been extremely reliable.
Can’t wait!


Come to think of it, the most innovative thing Palm has done in the past five years, was buying Handspring.

If they hadn’t sucked up the Treo line, they probably would have gone out of business years ago. It’s a shame they proceeded to beat the hell out of the line, though. The Treo was the class of the smarphone world, until Palm got a hold of it.

I wonder if Palm and Motorola have been swapping notes behind the scenes.


It’s really a shame, what’s happened to Palm.

I used to actually care about their releases. These days, it seems like each of their releases gets more and more painful.

This 800w looks like, yet another, ho-hum release from Palm.


I like the functionality of Palm smartphones, but voice clarity is an issue.

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