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Green Tip: Printing Smarter

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treesIn today’s world, we’re all looking for ways to have less of an impact on the environment. One of the main devices that consumes resources is our printers. Between toner/ink and paper, these necessary evils of modern business eat up our pocket book as well as costing us trees in the process.

These tips from PC magazine serve as a good reminder of how to be more judicious with our printing. The suggestions include using your Print Preview more thoroughly, printing to PDF for digital storage and searchability, and really considering whether or not a print job is truly necessary.

Do you have any additional tips? Do you consider yours a paperless office?

(photo credit: Flickr user josef.stuefer)

6 Responses to “Green Tip: Printing Smarter”

  1. I select only the text I want to print. I use greenprinter for some pages. Sometimes i don’t print, but clip to evernote or google notebook.

    But I will try and do duplexing and/or print to PDF.

  2. I use a few tactics:

    1) As Jaan says, print multiple pages to a sheet. I regularly print text so I have my printer to always print 2/sheet. If your printer supports duplexing, Duplex EVERYTHING.

    2) Most printers have lots of advanced settings. Explore your advanced settings and modify them so your defaults are as friendly as possible. Set to ‘draft’ printing, b&w only, no pictures, low-ink volume. Set things like tone to “coolest” and “dimest.” — This saves a great deal on ink/toner.

    3) There are lots of things that you really need a hard-copy for. It’s hard to learn lines or rehearse off a monitor. When you have multi-use things, keep them in your filing cabinet and never print them a second time.

  3. Not only print to PDF, fax to PDF! Receiving faxes digitally avoids wasting papers and as on a sidenote, it’s easier forwarding them to colleagues, archiving them and receiving them when your not at the office as well.

    Hire a service to do so or have a PC or Mac (with a modem) doing it for you. We use to have an old Powermac G5 doing this for us, it enables you saving the faxes to a (shared) folder or mailing them to trough e-mail (both as PDF), but I’m shure there’s solutions for Windows and Linux as well.