FuseCal Wants to Be One Calendar to Rule Them All

As covered before, working with calendars is another one of those business necessities that is crucial to running a business. Managing multiple calendars is tedious, but necessary to staying in sync with those in your work and personal life. For example, you may have calendars for each of your co-workers, your personal calendar, and perhaps even your family events calendar.

logoFuseCal, a new web application, allows you to combine multiple calendars and create one master calendar. Ideally, this means you can take any iCal calendar such as Outlook 2003/2007, Google Calendar, Apple’s iCal, and Yahoo! Calendar and add them into FuseCal, granting you new functionality.

Specifically, once the individual calendars are imported into FuseCal, you can choose which events you’d like to add, filter events by keyword, and then add those into your master calendar. Once you have your master calendar built, you can easily import this new filtered and personalized calendar into Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, or whichever calendaring application you use.


Another feature of FuseCal is aimed at those who have their own websites and want to publish calendar data, such as a business who wants to publish upcoming events or a softball team who wishes to display their game schedule on their website.

To get started, sign into FuseCal and click on the “Publish Calendars” link. Follow the on-screen instructions for building your FuseCal calendar for publishing. The final step will provide you with an embeddable snipped of HTML to put on your website. If there are any changes to your embedded calendar, users subscribed to your calendar will automatically be notified in their calendaring application.


FuseCal is currently in “Alpha” and the service is free. Considering how new it is, I wouldn’t suggest keeping business critical data within FuseCal’s system. However, in my initial testing the services has worked as promised.

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