Pop-up of the day: XP virus scanner… for my Mac



I’m routinely running both Safari and Firefox on my MacBook Pro; it comes in handy when making site design changes so I can test on different browsers. Thought it amusing that this pop-up appeared a few minutes ago. You’d think that by now the malware / virus-scanner / waste-my-time campaigns would be smart enough to market to the appropriate potential user base. Why would I need an XP Virus Scanner for my Mac?!?What’s even more amusing is that when you click Cancel, it takes you to a product web page that shows a progress meter at the top. The meter is just humming along and various Windows .exe, .dll, and other file types are appearing under the meter as if it’s actually finding these things on my “PC” and scanning them for viruses. Yeah… you folks keep scanning, ‘k? Now that I’m done laughing, we return you to your regularly scheduled mobile tech programming.



I have in past clicked “ok” on those dialogs. Perverse, I know. It didn’t install on my Mac for some reason.



LOL, I’m at a customers house right now removing that very garbage from three of their computers.



The warning’s authenticity is given away by the word “creahes”.

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