Apple to Windows users- install Safari no matter what we say


SafariApple has taken a lot of grief for pushing Safari onto unsuspecting iTunes and Qucktime users on the Windows platform and Neowin points to something today that makes that whole situation pretty comical.  It seems the Safari End User License Agreement (EULA) prohibits the installation of Safari on any non-Apple hardware. 

Apple’s Safari license says that users are permitted to install the browser on no more than "a single Apple-labeled computer at a time." This means that if you install Safari for Windows on a Windows PC, you’re violating the license.
Accordingto Jonathan Kramer, a tech-minded attorney with the Kramer Telecom LawFirm, you aren’t in any legal danger if you install Safari for Windowson a Windows PC. Apple can’t enforce a contract clause that doesn’tmake sense. "We call this an impossibility issue," Kramer told us. "You can’t enforce a term that’s impossible."





I would normally agree, but Apple’s deployment method is no different than that of a spyware vendor. I have a serious problem with that.


Now I remember why I don’t allow any Apple software on my PCs. I’ve had that rule since 95/96 and I’m sticking to it :)


Um, this isn’t actually impossible… what if (and I realise that this isn’t likely to be the case, but hey-ho) Apple only mean for Bootcamp users to install Safari? It’s an Apple labelled computer… running Windows.

Along with everyone else, I’m sure this is the case of a tired/lazy/distracted developer clicking copy&paste and not proof-reading before clicking ‘post’


Someone should tell the “geniouses” that Windows users like to do things their way.

In soviet Russia the software installs itself on the user. That’s just unamerican.


Gee, and everyone wonders why I hate Apple. I can’t help but laugh at the double-standard that Apple can get away with this (despite much of us protesting against the move), but Microsoft would be slapped with yet another lawsuit if they tried this with IE on a Mac.


I thought it was crazy when I saw the Safari and Itunes applications to install along with a Quicktime update when the Apple Software update thingy came up on my Vista pc last week. Hmmmmmmmmmm………..;)

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