Adobe Launches Adobe Photoshop Express


When working on the web, an aggravating task is working with images. There are image manipulation software tools, but most are costly and poorly-implemented. Today, Adobe has released a tool that will ease frustration when it comes to working with, sharing, and storing images.

LogoIn a long awaited move, Adobe opened the door for mass use of their Adobe Photoshop Express online tool. This web based tool is a diluted version of the very popular (and expensive) Adobe Photoshop application that is the defacto standard for image manipulation. This “cloud based application” allows users a simple way to enhance, share, and store photos.

After completing the sign-up process, users begin their journey in the MyPhotos gallery of their images. To start, Adobe grants 2GB of online storage for your photos. You can use MyPhotos to upload, rate, organize, and caption your photos. From within MyPhotos, you can easily rotate, email, embed, and download photos. As a very welcome feature, Ssearch is supported as well.


Double clicking on a photo will bring up the editing menu. Users of photo tools will recognize the main features including Crop and Rotate, Auto Correct, Exposure Fix, Red-Eye Removal, and so on. There are even ways to distort the image, apply pop colors, and adjust the hue, for the more advanced photo editors.

Photoshop screenshot

It is apparent that Adobe created Photoshop Express with usability as a main focus. The developers built in appealing transitions when interfacing with windows and application features. The application, even through it’s running in Flash, is very responsive and snappy.

Adobe has built relationships with third-parties as well, adding to Photoshop Express’ appeal. Currently the partners include Facebook, Google’s Picasa, and Photobucket. For example, you can open your Facebook photos from within Photoshop Express, edit them, and save them back. Adobe is planning on releasing an API, which will only add more usefulness to the application going forward.

Keep in mind Adobe Photoshop Express requires Adobe Flash 9 to run. Adobe is said to be working on an Adobe AIR application that will allow for Photoshop Express use outside of a browser in multiple operating systems. Currently, Photoshop Express only works with .jpg files, but additional image file format support is in the works along with support for audio and other media.

Adobe’s intent in releasing a free version of the very popular Photoshop is to enable upsell of their traditional products including Photoshop Elements which is currently priced at $99. Additionally, Adobe will charge for premium features and additional storage.

Adobe’s Photoshop Express gives a great impression to potential Photoshop users. It’s ease of use, easy storage capability, and sharing functionality make it a winner in the online photo editor market.



Yikes, Aaron, you mean no Flickr-like Creative Commons area?

So I’m sure it’s a sure bet this will integrate with Photoshop CS sometime in the near future.

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