The Next Phase Of Our Company: Scaling From The Inside Out

Some time around late summer last year, about six months after we moved into our (first-ever) office in Santa Monica, I realized we needed to start asking the “BIG S” question for our growing B2B media company: How Do You Scale?

As we keep defining the new models in B2B publishing, the “how” part is what we’re in the process of building out. More when we actually do it — no point talking about vaporware. What we’re announcing today are two new senior executives and a new board member who will help us build.


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Nathan Richardson, Chief Executive Officer: I am stepping out of my position as CEO (something I was never comfortable with, as people who know me can attest…I always liked the Editor and Publisher title better); but will keep the role of Chairman. We are very pleased to have chanced upon a perfect fit: Nathan Richardson is the new CEO of ContentNext Media. He is also joining our board. He will lead the company in the next phase of platform growth, including going deeper and wider into the sectors we cover.

Nathan was most recently the head of Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) Online, a brand that includes, Marketwatch and Barrons. He joined Dow Jones in 2005 after spending three years as head of the biggest finance site online, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Finance. While at Yahoo, Institutional Investor named Nathan the #1 Executive in Online Finance, the “impresario” of the finance space. Since leaving DJ Online in 2006, Nathan had been on sabbatical to serve as the Country Director of the International Rescue Committee’s operations in Liberia. He also works with several non-profits and sits on the board of PlayNetworks. In his early career, Nathan worked at Citibank in Emerging Markets, and spent time in the Peace Corps. He graduated from Babson College and Georgetown University. You can contact Nathan at nrichardson AT

Patrick Dignan, Chief Sales Officer: This is a new position at our company. Patrick Dignan is joining our executive team as the head of all our sales efforts, after a 20-year career in publishing sales. He will lead our growing sales team, define our go-to-market sales strategy, and develop a market relationship with clients and agencies. He was most recently with, where among other positions he had been the director of East Coast sales for the business website. Previously, he was the publisher of Family PC and Saveur magazines and advertising director for Pat received his B.S. from Boston College. You can contact Patrick at pdignan AT

Charlie Koones, our new board member: At the same time, we are expanding our already-strong board to bring on key expertise in the entertainment media sector. Charlie Koones is joining our board…till recently he was the president and publisher of Variety, and left in January, after spending 17 years within the Variety/Reed Business family. Koones was a primary architect of Variety