Updated MMOD By The Numbers: 3.3 Million Unique Users In First Four Days


It took a little longer than expected but here are some updated March Madness on Demand stats for the first four days from CBSSports.com:

Total hours of live streaming video & audio: 3,705,092 total hours. The 2007 total was 2,716,236 hours.

Uniques: 3,318,844; the comparable number for 2007 was 1,448,546. The number CBS (NYSE: CBS) released for the first four days is smaller then the one I was given Sunday night for the first three days. The reason: turns out the original figure included duplicates while the four-day total is unduplicated.

Game stats: This may explain why our would-be Stanford-Cornell viewer ran into problems: CBS says the average stream was 23.5 minutes, more than 4 minutes longer than other games. It was the only game on at the time on Day One, The first game — Georgia vs. Xavier — more than doubled the previous record for single-game “consumption” with 376,000 hours. (The previous record was 133,000 total hours in 2006 for Winthrop vs. Tennessee.) Streaming of Thursday’s Kentucky vs. Marquette totaled 325,000 hours.

VIP Registrations: 571,297 VIP registrants, up 22 percent from 468,720 in 2007. Registration wasn’t required this year but VIP registration for front-of-the-line status in the waiting room is still encouraged.

Brackets: 3.6 million fans are playing in varous CBSSports.com bracket games, up 62 percent. (The CBSSports.com Facebook app has 179,198 daily active users, according to the Facebook profile.) ESPN (NYSE: DIS) drew more than 3.65 million entries — 1,950,119 missed by picking Connecticut to make it to the Sweet 16. Only two picked all 16 correctly.

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