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What drivers are installed on your Vista machine?

The Windows environment is beholden to those hardware drivers that lets your components talk to the OS.  It’s a constant battle to keep these drivers updated as they come from all the different makers of the hardware hidden within your system.  The first step to determining if you’re running the latest driver from the manufacturer is to know what version of the driver is currently installed in your PC.  You can determine this on an individual component easily enough in the Device Manager but wouldn’t it be good to get a list of all the drivers in your Vista box at once?  There is a utility built into Vista that does just that called DRIVERYQUERY and with the proper tags it can generate a list of all the drivers currently installed on your Vista PC in just about any format you want.  OCMODSHOP has the scoop on this utility along with a list of all the tags and what they do so head over and get intimate with all of your drivers.


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