Vista “Windows Experience Index” for the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium


Samsungq1ultrapremiumvistaindexI don’t put too much stock in the Windows Experience Index, but to many folks it’s a general indicator that useful for comparison purposes between Vista devices. Besides, I know someone’s going to ask for the numbers. ;)

The overall index is 2.3 as shown, but you have to realize that the index uses the lowest of the five numbers. I always thought it should use some type of weighted average, but then again I studied Econometrics in college so this should be expected. Here’s the individual scores on the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium running Vista with 2 GB of RAM:

  • Processor: 2.9
  • Memory (RAM): 4.4
  • Graphics: 2.3
  • Gaming graphics: 2.8
  • Primary hard disk: 3.7

How do these numbers compare to other UMPCs running Vista? Chime in if you’ve got data to share!


M. Fahmy

Dear all,

it might not be the perfect place to ask this question due to the topic discussed, but can we swap the Core solo processor in the Q1 ultra premium to a core 2 duo??? is the processor soldered…did anyone thought of this upgrade??

sorry again for the question. thanks in advance


Fresh Vista Ultimate install on my Q1UP with 2gig of kingston ram.

Base score: 2.1
Processor: 2.9
RAM: 4.4
Gfx: 2.1
Gaming gfx: 2.4
HD: 3.7

Again, this is the score before any driver updates, which would explain the lower gfx score.

Kevin C. Tofel

I don’t find the LED screen to be pale. Looks vibrant and colorful to me but I haven’t had any older Samsung laptops to compare it to. Most of the posted pics I’ve taken of the device have had the Brightness set to around 50% or so.


Hi, Kevin, I’m thinking of getting a Q1UP after watching your video and reading some recommendations from umpcportal. What I’m mostly interested in is the 7’ screen. The 4.5’ screen on vaio UX is really a pain.
Is the LED screen on Q1UP looks pale? I had some models of Samsung laptop before, and they have this problem.

Kevin C. Tofel

Nansong, I’m hoping that the Q1UP gets a BIOS upgrade as you can currently only set the memory for graphics use to either 64 or 128 MB. The graphics chipset is capable of using more, but the device currently limits it.


Vaio VGN-UX380N
Processor 2.9
Memory 4.3
Graphics 3.4
Gaming graphics 2.7
Primary hard disl 3.7

This UX model has the same U1500 cpu. Main difference, the 945GMS chipset in UX380N uses 224M shared graphics memory while Q1UP is 128M.

John McDonald

Flybook V5:

Base Score – 3.1
Processor Genuine Intel(R) CPU U2500 @ 1.20GHz 4.2 – 3.1
Memory (RAM) 1.99 GB – 4.4
Graphics Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family – 3.2
Gaming graphics 256 MB Total available graphics memory – 3.1
Primary hard disk 3GB Free (19GB Total) – 3.4

Mike H.


Memory 2.0
Graphics 1.9
Gaming graphics 1.0
Primary hard disk 3.4
Windows Vista (TM) Business

BTW, FlipStart runs like a top with Vista Business!!


Vye S37 (800Mhz A100, 2GB RAM, 250GB 5400RPM HDD):

Index: 2.1
Processor: 2.1
Memory: 4.6
Graphics: 2.5
Gaming Graphics: 2.6
Hard Disk: 5.1

Kevin C. Tofel

Frank, looks like you need a Fritz benchmark for the 1.33 GHz Core Solo. I’ll try to get that to you directly today.

I’ve got full Tablet PC functionality: flicks, personalized handwriting recognition, floating TIP, etc… so it looks good to me in terms of HID drivers. I’ll have to check which drivers are being used because I didn’t install any from eGalax or anyone else. Windows Update might have grabbed something…

Kevin C. Tofel

For what it’s worth, here are the scores for the Samsung Q1P with 2 GB of RAM: 1.0 overall

Processor: 2.4
Memory: 4.0
Graphics: 1.9
Gaming graphics: 1.0
Primary hard disk: 3.4

Peter Norman

Toshiba Portege m700
Index score: 3.5
Processor: 5.1
Memory (RAM): 4.8
Graphics: 3.5
Gaming graphics: 3.5
Primary hard disk: 5.0

Its not a UMPC, clearly, but I found it very useful to see the 2710p, EeePC and Vaio indexes posted above for comparison. I hope you don’t mind.

The m700: 2.2 GHz, 4 GB ram, 7200rpm HD and i’ve removed all the intel, vista etc stickers cos that makes it ‘go faster’ – like how all the candy-colors made the old iMacs faster!!

I’m lusting after the new Q1U Premium. The form-factor always reminds me of all the Apple Newton MessagePads I had. The last model (2100) rocked – ten years ago! Technology advances slower than a drunk crawling naked over broken glass. If the OEMs hadn’t gotten sidetracked by having to make devices sufficiently robust to run Windows, think where we’d be today! We wouldn’t be carrying around a brick even thicker than 10-year old technology like the Newton, is my guess.

Thank-you Kevin for all the details on your new Q1U Premium and thank-you everyone for posting all your UMPC indexes.

rock on!


Not exactly a umpc, but only the size of an A4 pad of paper and 1kg. More workabe than my old ux.

VaioTZ91s (64g flash / 200g hd / core duo 1.33)
Processor – 4.4
Memory 4.1
Aero Graphics – 2 (still cannot thathom this)
Game graphics – 2.6
Hard disk – 5.3


Hey can anyone get James to post the scores of his P1620, I’m thinking of an upgrade from my P1610 as well.


EEE pc 4G (stock)

Index 1
Processor 1.8
Memory 2.9
Graphics 1.9
Gaming Graphic 1
Hard Disk 4.1

Mitchell Oke

I have to agree, the Vista WEI isn’t that great of an indicator, I mean just because you don’t have a wizz-bang graphics card your system gets ranked as pathetic.

The Fujitsu P8010 I tested over the last two weeks had a score of 2.9 or something, Core 2 Duo 1.2Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM and standard 250GB HDD.


Asus R2Hv, 2 GB of RAM, Pentium M

Index score 1
Processor 2.4
Memory 4.0
Graphics 1.9
Gaming Graphics 1.0
Primary Hard Disk 3.7


Sony UX380N

Processor: 2.9
Memory: 4.3
Graphics: 3.5
Gaming graphics: 2.6
Primary hard disk: 3.7


Fujitsu U810 1GB RAM, 40GB HD, Vista Business.

Index score 2.1
Processor 2.1
memory 4.5
Graphics 3.5
Gaming Graphics 2.6
Primary Hard Disk 3.7

Gavin Miller

Re Shift score, D’oh, not Atom, I meant A110. Was just reading an Atom article beforehand….

Guy Adams

HP Compaq 2710P in 2GB RAM configuration. Its not really a UMPC but still good for comparison.

* Processor: 4.4
* Memory (RAM): 4.2
* Graphics: 2.4
* Gaming graphics: 3.1
* Primary hard disk: 3.9



Kevin, how does Vista ‘feel’ on the Q1UP?
Regardless I’ll stick with XP for a long while as it’s got what I need.

By the way I got my replacement Q1UP and it does not have the camera problem (where it kept taking pictures!)

Gavin Miller

Wonder why 5.9 is the highest? Would be better with a Spinal Tap eleven!

Gavin Miller

Here’s the HTC Shift, 800MHz Atom, 1Gb Ram.

Processor 2.1
Memory 4.5
Graphics 3.7
Gaming Graphics 2.7
Primary Hard Disk 3.7


Fujitsu P1610 with Vista Business and SSD:

Processor: 2.7
Memory (RAM): 4.3
Graphics: 4.2
Gaming Graphics: 2.8
Primary hard disk: 5.2

My U1400 processor scored 2.8 from the factory but the score dropped to 2.7 after replacing the motherboard. The graphics score improved from 3.9 to 4.2 by downloading new drivers and INF utility from Intel. Is there an updated Intel 950 GMA Vista driver for the Q1U-Premium? I can’t seem to find any on the Intel site.


Here are my numbers (Q1U with 2GB of RAM):

* Processor: 2.0
* Memory (RAM): 4.6
* Graphics: 3.7
* Gaming graphics: 2.6
* Primary hard disk: 3.4

Interesting, especially the Graphics score. What’s up with that?

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