Vista “Windows Experience Index” for the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium

Samsungq1ultrapremiumvistaindexI don’t put too much stock in the Windows Experience Index, but to many folks it’s a general indicator that useful for comparison purposes between Vista devices. Besides, I know someone’s going to ask for the numbers. ;)

The overall index is 2.3 as shown, but you have to realize that the index uses the lowest of the five numbers. I always thought it should use some type of weighted average, but then again I studied Econometrics in college so this should be expected. Here’s the individual scores on the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium running Vista with 2 GB of RAM:

  • Processor: 2.9
  • Memory (RAM): 4.4
  • Graphics: 2.3
  • Gaming graphics: 2.8
  • Primary hard disk: 3.7

How do these numbers compare to other UMPCs running Vista? Chime in if you’ve got data to share!


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