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Ohio Doles Out $21M in Cleantech Grants: Ohio will be giving out 29 separate grants totaling $20.9 million for a diverse swath of cleantech sectors including wind, solar, biofuel, energy storage and fuel cell technologies – Cleantech Media.

“Why Giving Away Carbon Permits is a Bad Idea”: Many in the business of polluting advocate that when a carbon market is established permits should be given out for free, as opposed to being auctioned. The World Changing Team innumerates why that’s a bad idea – World Changing.

Denmark Teams Up With Project Better Place: Autoblog Green reports of an “impending official announcement” between Danish officials and Shai Agassi’s venture. Agassi is speaking via video stream tomorrow morning so we’ll report more then – Autoblog Green.

Plug-Ins Pay For Themselves…in a Century: PHEVs save only 88 gallons of gas a year compared to an unmodded Prius. With a conversion cost of $15,000 it would take decades to make your money back – Green Tech Blog.

Cognitive Dissonance and Climate Policy: Let’s get cerebral and discuss the cognitive science side of climate change policy. The Rockridge Institute has issued a new report on the cognitive differences between proposed climate legislation – Celsias.

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