For sale: 256 GB SSD, sacrificing at $6,000, must sell

Supertalent_drive_edited1Well I don’t think many folks will be ordering up a $5,950 SSD drive when SuperTalent offers the FSD56GC25H next month. Actually, you probably couldn’t even if you wanted to as the 256 GB of storage will be sold directly to OEMs. The big claim to fame here is was in the press release I received last night: it’s the thinnest 256 GB Solid State Disk in the world, measuring in at 12.5 mm in height. Truth-be-told, that is pretty thin considering the drives in most UMPCs are around 8 or 9 mm.This is a 2.5-inch form factor so it’s geared towards notebooks. Transfer speeds are pretty solid at 65 MBps read and 50 MBps write for sequential data. The 0.1 ms access time is pretty spiffy too, but really: how many notebook makers are going to offer this as a $6,000 option plus some markup? If you’re remotely interested you can catch all of the detailed specs in this product PDF. I’ll save my money and pass for now.


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