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Relax, Let Verizon Do the Cable Canceling

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Verizon knows that breaking up with your cable operator can be tough, so the company has asked the FCC for permission to do it for you. The FiOS TV provider is petitioning the commission to make switching your TV service similar to switching phone companies. Presumably this is because you are too lazy and weak when faced with the siren song of customer service reps, who will tempt you to stay with your existing cable by offering you four new HBO channels PLUS six months of Encore.

Instead, leave it to the cold-blooded Verizon reps, who, with Anton Chigurh-like ruthlessness, will cut that cord. Naturally, once you’re rid of that scourge, you’ll run to Verizon’s warm fiber-optic embrace. Om doesn’t buy Verizon’s arguments for such a move, and reminds you of the company’s past sins.

My only question: Will Verizon also come to my house, detach and return my cable box?

6 Responses to “Relax, Let Verizon Do the Cable Canceling”

  1. Lemme tell you that they can’t always do it for the phones either. I’m currently a Vonage customer and I tried like hell to get the FIOS triple play deal (phone, TV & broadband). Verizon could not successfully acquire my number from Vonage. I’m sure it’s because of the lawsuit nonsense between them, but ultimately the customer (me) is not able to make the choice… Hope y’all have better luck on the cable transfer.

  2. charles

    im still waiting for verizon to hook me up with fiostv and fiosnet.but so far its not arrived in my area,so far im not sure which direction is verizon going to come in my area installing the fiber optics,because they seem to be installing in the eastern side of the state,im on the outskirts of the western side of the im in the capitol region of albany that serves my tv market for more than 35yrs.i have taken a look at what work they were doing this year installing fiostv and fiosnet down thru eastern and central part of my state where verizon is king here in my state.