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BubbleMotion gets $14M

Voice and mobile phones go together like ice cream and cake, so it’s no surprise to see that BubbleMotion has scored $14 million in second-round funding for its voice-to-text-message voice SMS service for carriers. It’s one of several players racing to deliver services that bypass the mobile keyboard to make everything — from finding a restaurant to sending a text message — easier. The service drives up text message use revenue for carriers, but BubbleMotion still has to educate the market on its services still playing in a crowded market.

4 Responses to “BubbleMotion gets $14M”

  1. Stacey, no worries since it’s a common misconception. We’re actually the ones doing voice-to-text-messaging (since it requires speech recognition), but I think both methods will find their niches for different purposes/use cases.

  2. Stacey Higginbotham

    Zemode, that’s nothing short of embarrassing, and now I’ve learned a bit more about voice SMS and the value of rereading press releases twice.

  3. Errr….BubbleMotion is a voice SMS service provider, not a voice-to-text-message service. Instead of sending a text message, you can send a voice SMS to folks.