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HT Media’s Job Portal Goes Live

HT Media’s job portal has gone live…the tagline – “Shine is a place to grow”. The site, currently in beta, is at present accepting registration from job seekers. I did a couple of random jobseeking searches on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) – it doesn’t appear as if they’re doing Search Engine Marketing yet, though I could be wrong.

To drive registrations, they’re offering a daily prize of a months salary, and a bumper prize of a years salary (though for the daily prize, you’re only eligible for the day you register. The contest is going to run from March 26th to April 21st 2008. The registration process was fairly simple, but there’s nothing yet to browse – the full site hasn’t been launched yet, and it appears that they’re currently collecting resumes for showcasing to companies. They’re also collecting salary information, to create a survey for helping users compare salaries with their peers.

More as we have it.

Update: Didn’t realize that Alootechie had done the story on this before us. I just confirmed the time from Rajesh Barnwal, Editor of Alootechie. I’ve been checking for a few weeks now, awaiting it’s launch, particularly since a March launch was mentioned in the HT Media earnings call.

Update 2: Amit Garg, head of Firefly e-Ventures, HT Media’s new media company, has declined to comment on the companys plans or discuss their strategy.

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  2. navendubansal

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  3. vijay p. mehta



  4. rahul sharma

    Hi this is nice.And helpful ur future.Bcoz in this busy life no body have time for listening and speaking.But after geting shine.Com.My life also become shine.

  5. Sunil sahu

    Hi this is nice.And helpful ur future.Bcoz in this busy life no body have time for listening and speaking.But after geting shine.Com.My life also become shine.So plz if u want sucess earlier then try it.Sunil sahu.

  6. Tarique Shafi

    Like all,HT entered in this too with a gr8 hope as jobs are many and plenty of scope,let's see how this new resource challenge it's compettitors & make the dream of the apirants come true…..

  7. naveen

    Please check for new features. Post your comment after checking the same. Anyway i wish to shine forever and be selfless in helping the workforce to get the right job.

  8. Most job sites lack innovation except a couple like Reffster, Techtribe & Yellojobs….. really interested on how the referral idea to jobsites will frame out.

  9. Wow. I am truly amazed at the comments on this post. They go from poor spelling and bad grammar to just not "getting it".

    HT appears to have launched a job portal because it has been very lucrative for Naukri and Monster. However, it's also important to note that HT, like ToI, probably has a huge print inventory of job openings. I would suspect that HT is trying to capitalize on their print business by being able to match online job seekers with online job openings but more importantly, get paid on their existing job classifieds in their offline publications. I'd see this as a nice little way to get paid twice on the same classified inventory that HT carries if they can develop a strong matching engine.

    However, it will be very difficult for HT to differentiate itself across the plethora of job sites that currently exist ( I wrote a posting on job boards almost 2 years ago Online recruiting has become a commodity and it's been increasingly difficult for them to differentiate themselves both to employers and job seekers. Niche job boards like CrunchBoard from TechCrunch have been able to gain a relatively smaller user base than Naukri or Monster. However, they've been able to gain significant traction amongst Web 2.0 companies and job seekers because of their TechCrunch brand. I'm sure it's also quite lucrative as they charge $200 per listing.

    Some of the newer job sites/boards might not be as enormous as Monster or Naukri but that's what I would call their strengths if they can focus on a niche and provide recruiters/companies with high quality talent that matches their needs in a fewer number of resumes to sort through and providing job seekers with jobs that closely match what they are looking for.

    Best of luck to HT with and I'd be very interested in hearing their post-beta strategy.

  10. Good To C leaders stepping forward towards making careers… but hope and wish they dont fall.. coz too many people fighting for one reason is not a competition but FIGHT..
    And Y HT needed to get into the job market….??? is it so lucrative ???
    anyways all the best to the PLAYER(s) of the segment..

  11. Tejinder Singh

    Hi Good to learn the offer. It is just like killing two birds with one stone if we go by the offer. the Salary prize and the job offers. All i am looking forward is to see it the claim is true. If the offer is true it is something worth going.

  12. Dushyant Chauhan

    Just like Times group's, HT also has their print back up. Lets see what business model they come up with or like any other job portal they also are just a me too kind of product. If that is the case then i don't think there is a need of any other job portal. This market has reached saturation and no other palyer is required after Naukri, Timesjobs & Monster.

  13. Too many jobsites and too much confusion. How many sites do people think will survive? Except 2-3 sites, the rest dont have any bottomline in sight and it will be a question of time before their funding gets questioned and the sites die a quiet death. Some promising sites have now become placement agencies….Jobstreet? Yellowjobs?…..wonder what will happen with Anil Ambani and now HT also jumping into the fray. Its a happy time for the Rediffs and Yahoos of the world as their pockets will be filled with advertising cash.

  14. internet watchdog

    well not too sure what value this job portal will add to the internet users in this country – jobs have reached a saturation – anyone knows wat happened to yellowjobs / jobstreet etc…..they will take a few years to come to the level of naukri and monster and that too if people last with them for more than 6 month…

    they have the same problems that any typical media house has……they have a super vision and zero delivery at the grassroot – more than that they should tackle their people problem first…the entire has anyways moved out !!!

  15. why you need to pay someone to upload his /her resume ? isn't prospect of getting a Job is not a good enough reason ? why internet companies in India [ specially the funded one ] believe that they can pay and get adaptation . there got to be a better way .