Video how to: upgrade the RAM on the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium


OK, this one isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. I didn’t know it until I was on camera, but the RAM slot for the Q1 Ultra Premium isn’t in the same spot as earlier models. It’s actually underneath a motherboard, so you have to not only crack open the case (which was a challenge), but also remove some cables and a board. Hidden underneath is the RAM slot and at that point, swapping out the RAM is a piece of cake. The whole process took me at least 30 minutes and you want to be VERY careful.After the video, I noticed something funny with my touchscreen so I opened the device again to make sure all the cables were seated properly. Once I verified that and closed the device up, the hard drive was no longer recognized. Third time was a charm although I seem to have lost Windows XP; the device now appears to be functioning properly during a re-install of Windows XP Tablet Edition. Long story short: this can be done, but it’s not as simple as I would have liked. Be careful!Oh and while I was in there, I saw a free PCIe slot for a 3G modem card; there’s no need to remove the WiFi/Bluetooth module from the other PCIe slot. :)

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