Video how to: upgrade the RAM on the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium


OK, this one isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. I didn’t know it until I was on camera, but the RAM slot for the Q1 Ultra Premium isn’t in the same spot as earlier models. It’s actually underneath a motherboard, so you have to not only crack open the case (which was a challenge), but also remove some cables and a board. Hidden underneath is the RAM slot and at that point, swapping out the RAM is a piece of cake. The whole process took me at least 30 minutes and you want to be VERY careful.After the video, I noticed something funny with my touchscreen so I opened the device again to make sure all the cables were seated properly. Once I verified that and closed the device up, the hard drive was no longer recognized. Third time was a charm although I seem to have lost Windows XP; the device now appears to be functioning properly during a re-install of Windows XP Tablet Edition. Long story short: this can be done, but it’s not as simple as I would have liked. Be careful!Oh and while I was in there, I saw a free PCIe slot for a 3G modem card; there’s no need to remove the WiFi/Bluetooth module from the other PCIe slot. :)


Chris Miller

What was the manufacturer and part number of the memory module that you installed?


Hi, Kevin,
I have a similar problem after upgrade the RAM.
My touchscreen stops working. However I can still
see it in the Device Manager.

Which cable did you fix? I am thinking some sort of sensing cable ?

Kevin C. Tofel

I had jarred a cable loose, but that was a quick fix and the device has been working perfectly fine since I did the video.


You said after the upgrade the device was not working properly , the touch screen and then total failure of windows , have you found out what was causing theese problems as you opened it again?a loose cable?


Nice job Kevin! The procedure is definitely harder to do in comparison to the Q1U!

Question concerning the warranty (hypothetically of course). If there’s no seal broken, there’s very little evidence that the device was ever opened, is there? Apart from the new memory module of course… So, is such an upgrade really a breach of warranty? Nobody would notice if you were to put the old RAM module back in, right?


Thanks for recording the upgrade. I know it would have been much less stressful for you to have done it with having to worry about camera location, etc. but it was really interesting and enjoyable to watch. I had requested you do this a previous posting you had made and appreciate you taking the time do this for all of us. I loved looking over your shoulder or should I say, across the kitchen table to be more precise, as you struggled to get access to RAM. WOW. Job well done. It showed me this is not a job for the faint-hearted. I still would like to know what specific features are you looking for that makes you want to upgrade to Vista (XP vs Vista) on your Q1P ultra premium? I am really interested in getting this unit but know I would not want to do what you did to get Vista on it and wonder what I would be missing.


You should get a plastic “pill case” to keep the screws in while you’re working. That’s a plastic pill holder with 7 compartments (for each day) for people who have to take more than one pill and to keep track of the days they take them.

It’s good for holding different size screws while working on a device. They’re cheap and you can find them at drug and grocery stores.

Dave Zatz

Too bad you filmed it all for the blogosphere… They’ll definitely have proof you voided the warranty if you need to return a non-functional unit. ;)


Well I for one was getting worried for little Samwise!

Seriously that is quite an upgrade for the novice to do. Having built PC’s for quite a number of years there’s nothing there that would scare me but I can imagine somebody not so use experienced getting in a mess.

As with all these things the real skill comes when it doesn’t work, just as Kevin explained after the video.

Well done Kevin. I’m looking forward to seeing Vista to compare it to my P1610 running a similar-ish processor but only 1gb of ram. SP1 has helped me a lot but 2gb would help me even more!

Kevin C. Tofel

I did run it this afternoon and the difference was negligible… about 800 marks higher. At this point, I’ve got the Vista installation going, so XPTE is gone for now. It was quite snappy though… right out of the box.


Any chance running crystalmark again under XP tablet for the last time before you make the jump to Vista? Just curious how much the extra 1gb of ram will make


Lol. You got a set of small screw drivers from the dollar store and can’t remember how much they cost. ;-)


wow – when you said “not for the faint hearted” you REALLY meant it. Only about a dozen steps that could totally kill your baby pc. I can’t wait for the premium to be available in the UK (tick tock)
:) thanks for the videos

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