Vid-Biz: iPhone, Imeem, YouTube

Next iPhone to do Video Chat? Digg founder Kevin Rose claims 3G version of the device will have both front- and back-mounted cameras. (He’s been wrong before about iPhone predictions, though.) (Apple Insider)

Imeem Launches Media Platform; in addition to providing tools, company will also provide third-party developers with access to any media on the site, with Imeem taking care of all the licensing. (paidContent)

Google CEO Says YouTube is “Disturbing;” Eric Schmidt made the remark while joking about the rate of video being uploaded to the service — wait till he actually starts watching the video. (Macworld UK)

MTV Launches New Shorts; series include North Palm Wrestling, Anton & Crapbag, and hoodFab; the network is also developing a new show with the creators of (The Hollywood Reporter)

Lights Out at Peerflix; DVD-swapping service shutting down, users have until April 30th to get money back from their accounts. (Webware)

Holy Moley! YouTube Clip Delivers Record Deal; Austrian monks from the Heiligenkreuz monastery sign with Universal Music after submitting their Gregorian chant on YouTube. (Is Engima reforming?) (CBC)

Turn Your PC into DVR; SageTV creates a personal TV that lets you schedule and manage recorded TV programs remotely, as well as remotely watch video that lives on your home PC. (Zatz Not Funny)


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